COVID-19 customer update: Vanderbilt’s responsible approach


Chris Chiles, Group MD

Vanderbilt is one of the leading independent housebuilders in and around the Home Counties. We have earned this reputation by recruiting the highest calibre people from within and outside the industry.

As an employee, you take part in a rigorous training programme that equips you with market-leading skills in your discipline. We also believe in developing your business and technical acumen which is why we provide a range of courses that deliver hard and soft skills that help differentiate our staff from industry peers.

Vanderbilt is a small but ambitious firm which means we are nimble and dynamic: transformation happens quickly and you can see the direct impact of your work. We do not blindly follow accepted methods, rather we challenge the status quo and continually update our processes and methods. We look across countries and across industries for our inspiration and we are not afraid to take considered risks. Moreover, the flat hierarchy and culture of collaboration and engagement mean that everyone has a say in shaping our future.

At Vanderbilt we encourage you to take on new responsibilities and we provide the resources and guidance to help you succeed. What’s more, we believe that our employees are our strongest asset and so we adopt a meritocratic culture that ties rewards to high performance. We are confident you will not find a similar mix of responsibility, development and rewards elsewhere.

Current Opportunities

If you are interested in building your career at Vanderbilt, please send your CV and covering letter to